Thursday, 7 August 2014

An update for the update?

Having just read back thru my posts I have noticed a glaring deficiency, no H0 updates!!! well it's not because I haven't done anything, it's because I....well....haven't...done...anything :(
I am about to go the the US of A for a holiday, Caboose Hobbies will be a must do stop so I can stock up on H0n3 track and code 55 rail while I am there, the weather will be warmer when I return and providing all the stars align for me, work will start on the H0/H0n3 railways in Ernest - I call my shed Ernest!! You'll have to go back thru old posts to see what my plans are there, nothing has changed and my plans as laid down will proceed.
The other omission was information regard the Penfield Model Engineers and mention of a new railway, the club site can be seen at , some photos of the old railway and the new construction can be seen there.
Why the new railway you ask? Well 1) our present track is next to the ¼ scale Speedway, on Open Days it can be a very noisy location, the noise has driven one member away, and 2) the railway has been down for a few years now and unfortunately, our construction techniques weren't the best, to the point where the railway is falling apart and in dire need of maintenance.
The club also had a very large boat pond which required a very large amount of water (money) to keep it filled, the decision had to be made to reduce the size of the lake to reduce costs, a few of us saw the opportunity to relocate the G1 railway into this new reclaimed land area, we approached the club with our plans and the rest is history. We are still building up the land form and preparing our area for the relocation, this will happen in the coming warmer (and hotter) months, we have an agenda to be running in the new location by Easter of 2015, which is when Penfield Model Engineers will holding the AALS (ride on type live steamers) annual convention.

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